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Customizing Lanyards for an Event or Business

Looking for gift bag ideas for an event or conference? Or maybe you need a way in which to keep track of your ID or office key? Something as simple as a lanyard can fulfill both needs. Lanyards serve many purposes, but the main purpose is the ability to attach event access cards or personal or office ID’s to them. With the lanyard hanging securely around the neck, it also provides a secure way in which to carry these important items.

Lanyards can be customized to suit any need. For example, if the lanyard is to be a part of a gift bag promoting a specific event, the lanyard itself can be customized to display the logo for the event on the lanyard. If the lanyard is to be used for your own personal needs, it can be customized to portray a favorite sports team, or even a favorite hobby or phrase. Perhaps the biggest use for lanyards is in an office setting. Since most private offices have some sort of ID badge that must be carried by the employee at all times, a lanyard is the perfect option with which to carry the ID. And again, the lanyard can be customized with the business logo, which provides free advertising for the business when an employee wears it outside of the office.

Promotional lanyards come in many different colors, widths and materials. If looking for a lanyard that will stand out in a crowd, choosing a high visibility, or neon lanyard may be the path to take. If visibility isn’t important, then consider adding a logo or a phrase to the lanyard to make it stand out instead. The width of the lanyard can vary from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch. A wider lanyard can accommodate a larger logo, which may make it stand out better on the lanyard. Depending on the material, a wider lanyard may also be more comfortable as it sits on the neck. Lanyards can be made from tube poly material, nylon or satin. The satin tends to be the most comfortable, but not necessarily the most durable, so when purchasing lanyards, take the materials into consideration.

Lanyards can be worn for many different purposes, and are a great way to advertise either an event or business. Customizing the lanyard is both fun and beneficial for everyone.